2011 brought change to this once young and strictly cover band musician. A stint of hard living and drinking got Weston kicked out of his own cover band. Determined to rise above and find purpose to music, and with a lot of help from his then girlfriend, now wife Jill, Weston has become a staple in South Dakota Country Music. Sobriety, hard work, small doses of humor and a little faith have taken him a long ways. Proud of who he has become as a person and as a musician, he prides himself in bettering himself even more, with each year. You’ll find him all over South Dakota and even a few border towns in other states. You’ll undoubtedly catch his show at events like HOBO DAY, The State Fair, Corn Palace Week, and Rodeos all over. Original music written by Weston or in collaboration with cowboy poet Taylor Cowan is based off of true life experience here on the plains as a poor kid, and a simple rodeo man. Orignal music is influenced by works of Waylon Jennings, Jason Isbell,  Merle Haggard, Tyler Childers, and the likes there of. There will be nothing disappointing about attending or hosting a Weston Frank LIVE solo show other than at some point, it will have to end for the night. One man, that makes you feel like you’ve watched an entire group perform.